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The Maps of the First Age of Darkness.
The maps of the era of the Revenge of the Enchantress
The maps of the Age of Exodus
The Maps of the Quest of the Avatar
Maps of the time of the Warriors of Destiny
Maps of the Era of the False Prophet
Maps of the Great Stygian Abyss during the Avatar's Imprisonment
Maps of the Age of the Black Gate
Maps of the Maze of Worlds
Maps of the Serpent Isle
Maps of Pagan
Maps of the Era of Ascension

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Ultima III - Exodus

Ultima III- The Small Map
The Small Map of Ultima III.
The Large Map of Ultima III.
Ultima III- The Large Map


These maps were produced by Micro Dragon. He scanned the original cloth map, then rewrote all the runic text in a legible form. These are much easier to read than even the original U3 maps. He also changed the colour of the landmass from it's original horrible colourscheme to the current green one. A vast improvement.


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