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The Maps of the First Age of Darkness.
The maps of the era of the Revenge of the Enchantress
The maps of the Age of Exodus
The Maps of the Quest of the Avatar
Maps of the time of the Warriors of Destiny
Maps of the Era of the False Prophet
Maps of the Great Stygian Abyss during the Avatar's Imprisonment
Maps of the Age of the Black Gate
Maps of the Maze of Worlds
Maps of the Serpent Isle
Maps of Pagan
Maps of the Era of Ascension

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Ultima Underworld II

Here is the Scanned Version of the Map once provided with the game.

Castle Britannia
The Map of Castle Britannia during the time it was sealed within the Blackrock Gem. (680k)


Here are the Ingame Maps, once displayed by Hardwire Dragon. This is what Hardwire had to say of them:

"These maps are screenshots from the in-game automap system. Note that they are not from my own game. I found these graphics on an RPG compilation CD-ROM. No author was mentioned.

I enlarged the pictures to make them more suitable for viewing on high resolutions and converted their palette to 16 colors to reduce overall file size. "

Castle Britannia
The Maps of Castle Britannia and the Sewers
The Maps of the Prison Tower
The Prison Tower
Killorn Keep
The Maps of Killorn Keep
The Maps of the Ice Caverns
The Ice Caves
The Maps of Talorus
The Maps of the Scintillus Academy
Scintillus Academy
The Pits of Carnage
The Maps of the Pits of Carnage
The Maps of the Tomb of Praecor Loth
The Tomb of Praecor Loth

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