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The Maps of the First Age of Darkness.
The maps of the era of the Revenge of the Enchantress
The maps of the Age of Exodus
The Maps of the Quest of the Avatar
Maps of the time of the Warriors of Destiny
Maps of the Era of the False Prophet
Maps of the Great Stygian Abyss during the Avatar's Imprisonment
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Ultima VII The Black Gate

Herein is a Scan of the Map originally released with Ultima VII.

Ultima VII Scanned Map

The Map of Britannia during the Era of the Black Gate. (712k)


Here are maps of Castle Britannia during the Age of the Black Gate.

Castle Britannia
  • The bottom floor was shot using images from U7Wizard. A few items have been misplaced in the vertical direction because of this.
  • The Castle is as it was when the game was finished. This means some items have been moved to access levers and others left lying around.
  • The top floor was shot using Screenthief from within the game itself. To avoid little Avatar images over everything, the Avatar was placed into a bag, so there are smaller bag pictures all over the map instead.
  • Only the ground level extends as far as the moat. It seemed pointless to go further and duplicate it.
  • GIF format has been used, as the original screenshots were in 256 colours and the pasted screenshots are slightly smaller than JPGs.
  • The use of a download resuming program may be of assistance. Getright or Go!Zilla should work.


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