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Being a Collection of Plot Threads and Other Fiction that has occurred upon the newsgroup, set out for the interested reader.


Of Britannia!

These are the collected tales and plot threads of a developing plot set in and around the world of Britannia some time after the events of the Serpent Isle. Originally started by Lumina Dragon on the 9th of October 1998 with the New Age of Darkness plot thread, this set of stories was still being added to as of the 22nd of September 2002.


... in the Misty Towers of the Ivory Peacock.
Cooperative Poetry, UDIC style.

As one might expect of the Ultima Dragons, some weird things occur from time to time. Such as some freeform poetry. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be...

This set of one-line posts was begun on the 8th of October 1999, and was still growing as of the 29th of November 2002. Drop by rgcu.dragons and water it...


A Christmas Song

Started by Attentive Dragon on the 31st of December 2001, this has continued up to the 29th of November 2002.




Started on the 3rd of January 2001 by Dalboz, good advice seemed to have stopped as of the 17th of August 2001 but then resurrected itself and the thread still continues as of the 29th of November 2002.


Great Siberian Cousins

A plot thread created by Great Siberian Dragon and Bubbac II Dragon.
Last updated 31st of August 2003.


Something Pointed This Way Comes

A Pickapath Plot by Frenetic Dragon. Enjoy it.



A Parody

A version of Lewis Carrol's poem 'Jabberwocky', rewritten by Paulon Dragon.



A Tale of Another World.

A serious plot thread started on the 11th of November 2000 by Helgraf Dragon, this thread is still running as of the 14th of December 2001, after a hiatus in posting.


Anyone for a Plot Thread?

For want of a better name...

Who or what is returning? Last updated on the 11th of August.


Closing Eyes to Prophecy

A Mysterious Destiny awaits...

But why is this young man so important? Last updated on the 11th of August.


A Grave Matter...

A Darker Plot Thread.

A serious plot thread initiated by Musashi Dragon on the 18th of April 2000, the final update was on the 1st of September, killing the story :-(. As well as the HTML version, there is also a text version of the plot thread here.


The Wasteland

A Plot Thread.

Another non-Ultima plot thread, initiated by Irondune Dragon on the 6th of May 2000, and last updated on the 11th of August.




A mystery started by Moa Dragon on the 10th of May 2000, last updated on the 12th of May.


Game Plot?

A Tale? An Adventure? You decide.

Something's been happening down in the sewers. Just what it is is up to you...
Initiated by Boa Dragon on the 27th of March 2000, the last post was on the 4th of May 2000.


A Small Fire

An Interesting couple of days...

Something started in a typically enigmatic fashion by Wtcher, that took on life for a short period.



The Revoker

Just what is it about the Revoker?

 The Manifest does come up with some interesting stuff which gets posted to Some of it's been archived here. Updated 15 July 2000.


If you would seek more tales created by the Dragons and those who love Ultima, seek ye out the Dragon Press.


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