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The Ultima Gameplay Frequently Asked Questions

Miscellaneous Notes.

This FAQ was written by and is currently maintained by Paul Ryan, also known as Paulon Dragon <spampaulon@ultimainfo.net> of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. The current URL is <http://www.ultimainfo.net/FAQ/ultimafaqs.htm> while the text version can be found at <http://www.ultimainfo.net/FAQ/ultimafaqs.txt>


On the use of words such as I, my and me:

In the actual questions, these may be assumed to be referring to the person with the problem they wish addressed, but in the rest of this document, including the answers to said questions they are referring to the FAQ maintainer.


What this FAQ is:

This FAQ is an attempt to answer the most common questions asked about the Ultima series of computer games created by Richard Garriott and Origin Systems. It covers both gameplay and technical problems that commonly occur, and human nature being what it is, also covers cheats or exploits when they exist in the game.

Note: These questions are based on the PC versions of Ultima unless otherwise noted. This means the technical questions in particular will be invalid for other systems.


What this FAQ isn't:

This FAQ is not intended to cover Ultima Online or any derivatives thereof. It also is not intended in any way to substitute for the rgcu.* FAQ maintained by Samurai Dragon, but rather to supplement the information contained therein with help for more of the common gameplay problems, both in the game and technical in nature. For information relating to the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter or to actually participating in the forums they frequent, the rgcu.* FAQ should be consulted. The FAQ's temporary location is at:



This document contains spoilers for many gameplay problems, and could severely affect your enjoyment of the games if you browse through too much of it. It's better to look for what you need and leave quickly than to keep on reading.



29 November 2002:
A fair bit I fear, mostly link fixing.
Updated link to Fortran Dragon's download for U4.
Replaced link to Newton Dragon's U7 and SI General Midi patches.
Removed link to Ultima IX: Ascension Universe as it is dead.
Updated link to the Ring of Dragons.
Fixed link to the official UA help page.
Updated link to U9 FPS test save.
Updated link to Gamespot's U9 Patch downloads page.
Fixed old email addy on the bottom of the HTML version of the FAQ.
Added a new question about the missing sigils and runes after cleansing a Shrine.
Updated information about Exult and added it to the SI questions.

10 January 2002:
Corrected some uncorrected links to the new FAQ home. Updated my email address. Updated the copyright notices. Added Moscow and Dominus Dragon's notes about running UW and UW2 in WinNT.

20 December 2001:
Moved the FAQ to a new host. Removed or updated broken links. Added SI cheat activation code for Spanish version.

2 November 2001:
Began checking for dead links.

Older revisions are recorded at <http://www.ultimainfo.net/FAQ/revisions.htm>






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