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4 May 1999

This page was set up.

8 July 1999

Added the Doors on Plateau question for U8. (4.1.7)

14 August 1999

More questions added (U4 Keys, 5.1.1, & UW2 Mors Gotha Vanished)

12 September 1999

Updated U4 Upgrade Patch Info, format adjustments.

23 September 1999

Little updates.
Finally added the answers to the last couple of questions.
Version 1 completed.

22 October 1999

Updated links to the Ultima Web Archive. Made a few clarifications to questions.

23 October 1999

Added information about preordering Ultima Ascension and the Dragon Edition (special edition).
Minor corrections and amendments.

1 November 1999

Added link to the new Ultima IX FAQ, added a question about Ultima 6.

20 November 1999

New Title Graphic, added notes on how to create new characters in Ultima 2, cheat from Windows in Ultima 7, and about the Ultima 7 Vanishing Bodies bug.

8 January 2000

Added a link to the new Windows version of Ultima 2, and gameplay and cheating questions to the Ultima 9 section.

9 January 2000
  Added note on getting items out of the SI Dream Realm.
16 January 2000
  Submitted FAQ to the Ring of Dragons. Added question about U5 - The Amulet of Turning. Updated question about U9 Shamino Bug.
2 February 2000
  Updated Ultima 9 information - bugs and patches.
11 February 2000
  Updated the link to the Unofficial U9 Technical FAQ.
16 February 2000
  Removed mention of Hidalgo Trading Company, due to Fortran Dragon's cessation of trade. Added question about where to find copies of the maps to the General Questions.
2 March 2000
  Minor notes and adjustments made.
15 March 2000
  A couple of new questions added for U9.
17 March 2000
  Updated European U9 release data and New CD info. Added question about buying and selling in U9.
31 March 2000
  More U9 stuff. In particular weapons and armour statistics.
5 April 2000
  Updated the links to Xe Dragon's HRUMP site.
11 April 2000
  Updated the Windows Ultima II site links.
2 May 2000
  Updated link to Fortran Dragon's rgcud FAQ.
14 May 2000
  Added note about bugged Clone spell reagents in U5.
19 May 2000
  Ultima 9 technical questions added and updated.
23 May 2000
  Updated U9 tech questions. Added note about the U6 MT-32 patch.
26 May 2000
  Finally added the 'Book of Truth' problem to the U9 section. Updated the availability of the Underworld games.
8 June 2000
  Updated links to Gaseous Dragon's Help Pages for U7 and U8.
30 June 2000
  Added questions about getting EA to send missing replacement CDs, and copyright of the U1 and UW1 games after they were published on a coverdisk recently.
21 July 2000
  Added a question about Aram Dol's Lair in Serpent Isle and a note about an exploit in U7.
6 August 2000
  Added link to GameCopyWorld for the U9 NoCD Crack. More U9 gameplay questions added. Exult listed as a nearly ready alternative for running U7 with Windows and modern computers.
11 August 2000
  Added a note about too much memory for U8. No solution unfortunately.
18 August 2000
  Note about the status bars vanishing in U9. Exodus Upgrade Project added to U3 improvements.
22 August 2000
  Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle in Windows! Wow! C64 version of the U6 cheat mode.
1 September 2000
  Updated status of the Exodus Upgrade Project for U3.
15 September 2000
  Updated status of the Exodus Upgrade Project again. New location of the U2/U3 colour reassignment patch.
24 November 2000
  Finally entered the name of Dragon Baroque, the creator of the U7forWindows program. Updated status of the U3 Upgrade Patch. Provided links to alternative locations to Micro Dragon's Homepage, which is gone.
18 December 2000
  Assorted notes and minor corrections.
31 December 2000
  Updated the link to the Serpent Isle intro.
1 February 2001
  Removed link to CDAccess.com as they have sold out of the EA Underworld Compilation. Fixed links to EA's patch and help pages. Added news about U2 Upgrade and updated the U3 Upgrade notes. Info about the U8 and too much RAM problem. U9 v1.19 patch and dialogue patch. U7 Cheat room notes.
16 February 2001
  Added Dragon Baroque's U8inWindows patch and Xenerkes Dragon's Ultima Saved Game Editor which creates ships in U3.
7 June 2001
  Fixed/updated lots of links. Corrected typos. Noted that Samurai Dragon now maintains the rgcud FAQ.
8 June 2001
  Added further note about Debris Pile in SI's Abandoned Outpost from Helgraf Dragon (13.1.9).
20 July 2001
  Savage Empire Cheat revealed by Peace Dragon, U7/SI cheat from Neutronium Dragon.
3 August 2001
  Notes on SE cheatmode. Updated links to Ultima docs and maps.
4 August 2001
  Updated notes on Exodus Project.
11 August 2001
  Notes on transfering U4 saved games to U5 and U6, courtesy of Voyager Dragon.
24 August 2001
  Voyager Dragon has released his Ultima V Midi patch.
14 September 2001
  Updated URL of the rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons FAQ. Added questions about weapons/armour stats for U7, SI, and U8.
2 November 2001
  Began checking for dead links.
20 December 2001
  Moved the FAQ to a new host. Removed or updated broken links. Added SI cheat activation code for Spanish version.
10 January 2002
  Corrected some uncorrected links to the new FAQ home. Updated my email address. Updated the copyright notices. Added Moscow and Dominus Dragon's notes about running UW and UW2 in WinNT.
29 November 2002
  A fair bit I fear, mostly link fixing.
Updated link to Fortran Dragon's download for U4.
Replaced link to Newton Dragon's U7 and SI General Midi patches.
Removed link to Ultima IX: Ascension Universe as it is dead.
Updated link to the Ring of Dragons.
Fixed link to the official UA help page.
Updated link to U9 FPS test save.
Updated link to Gamespot's U9 Patch downloads page.
Fixed old email addy on the bottom of the HTML version of the FAQ.
Added a new question about the missing sigils and runes after cleansing a Shrine.
Updated information about Exult and added it to the SI questions.


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