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Herein are the Credits, listing those I need to thank.

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Of Credits and Thanks

I wish to thank the following people for varying reasons.

Origin and Richard Garriot for producing the Ultima Series.

Dracos Dragon for accepting these pages by email and looking over them, and for his suggestions as to some things I could do with them.

Contrapuntal Dragon, both for entry into the Ring of Dragons, and for his pages on Mailto Munging and other Spam Fighting. I certainly don't need another source of Spam.

Thanian Dragon for putting together much of the items list for Martian Dreams.

Mythril Dragon for her Guide to the second half of U9's Hythloth.

All those Dragons who've asked advice about HTML and websites, or answered such questions on rgcud. I picked up a bit just by reading the responses.

All the people who've asked the same Ultima questions over and over. I might never have got around to doing this if it weren't for the repetition. Whether this site will make any difference is another matter...


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