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Of Copyright and Disclaimers 

The written text of these pages is copyrighted to myself, unless otherwise noted.

The text from the Gargoyle Book of Prophecy in the Ultima VI section is copyright of Origin.


Origin Systems and Lord British hold the rights to the names Ultima, Britannia, Avatar, and any others that I may have missed in this list. Their use herein is in no way intended to challenge those rights.


A number of the graphics files are copyright to Origin (Screenshots and Official Logos used in the downloadable Solutions for the Worlds of Ultima), while most of the others are my own work (such as it is).

 The map of the Savage Empire is a modified version of one from a Quest for Clues book.

The Martian Dreams maps are based on the one from the Ultima Web Archive, modified by myself.

The Arrows and Ring Picture of the Ring of Dragons are the work of Televar Dragon.


The Ultima Music played on the various pages is again copyright of Origin Systems, and the actual authors of the pieces. It has been downloaded from Mysterious Sosaria, a site belonging to Televar Dragon, who has put much work into improving the sound quality of the midis.

Ultima III, IV, & V Music is by Kenneth W. Arnold

Ultima VI Music is by Herman Miller, Ken Arnold, Todd Mitchell Porter, Iolo Fitzowen, and Richard Garriott

Ultima VII Music is by Raymond Benson, Kathleen Jones, Herman Miller, David Watson, and Kirk Winterrowd

Serpent Isle Music is by the same people as Ultima VII, with more by Dana Glover, and Marc Schaefgen

Ultima VIII Music is by Neno Vugrinec

The Worlds of Ultima music is by George Sanger, called The Fatman.

The Underworld I music is by George Sanger, called The Fatman, and Dave Govett

The Underworld II music is by Jon Blackley, and Dan Schmidt

The exception to this is the U9 Serpents Midi, downloaded from the Ultima Ascension website.


The Solution to the Second Half of Hythloth in the Ultima 9 section is the work of Mythril Dragon and used with her permission.


 The Pern Wallhanging is copyright of Janet Ryan, and the scanned images are used with her permission.


If any information here is incorrect, please inform me so I can take the appropriate corrective actions.


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